Sunday, 4 January 2015

This is the Very Sad Story (tm) of the Chanel Lipstick.

A few years ago, I was lucky to get a makeup lesson and some beautiful Chanel products from my mum for Christmas. One of the products was a gorgeous lipstick in shade 81, Insouciante. 

However, the mechanism to open and close the lipstick was new to me - it is like there is a spring inside and you push to close and push to open. I was clueless about this and the lipstick has been pushed in since Winter, 2011. Sadness and tears because the shade is so. damn. pretty. 

Today, I decided I couldn't take it anymore and asked Grant (my 19 year-old son) to figure out a way to get the lipstick out, and that destroying the outer part is OK. Oh, did I tell you the outer shell and lipstick holder are METAL? Yeah. Not so easy!

After ten minutes and a broken knife - Grant made the mistake of trying to slip a knife between outer shell and gold part. I have tried this with multiple tools like bobby pins, safety pins, an actual knife, etc over the years - Grant asked for a hammer. This is the destruction. 

But the shade! So pretty! I am depotting this and will USE IT! Finally! 

For those who are concerned about the amount of time since opening and I should probably throw it out, I appreciate your concern for my safety. I think that no air has touched this lipstick in a few years, so perhaps that stopped the clock on how long it should be open? We'll see. I'm taking the plunge. 

And that is what we do around here on Sundays. You're welcome to come over!

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