Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Make Lipstick Last!

Hello Beauties!

Over the weekend, I was telling my mum about how to make her lipstick last longer. It was hard to explain without the visuals, so I decided to film a quick video about making lipstick - well, lip products - last.

Here's the video:

Even though I'm not a huge fan, you might want to try the two-step long-wearing lip products. Most drugstore cosmetic companies make these products. Some examples are:
  • L'OrĂ©al Infallible 24hr LipColour - this is the best of the bunch.
  • Maybelline Super Stay 24hr Color
  • Rimmel Provocalips 16hr Colour
Long-lasting creamy matte lipsticks which I like more are:
High-end stains are also getting better and better, particularly Yves Saint-Laurent Glossy Stains. They are a great combination of a stain and a gloss. The gloss recedes pretty quickly, but leaves behind a long-lasting stain. The best part? The colour selection. Most department stores with YSL counters carry the full collection, which is incredibly widely varied. The $38 price tag is worth it to not have to re-apply your lipstick all day long.  

Technique #1

Supplies: Any lip product (although generally lip glosses aren't the best for this), loose or compact powder, any medium-to-large size makeup brush, one two- or three-ply kleenex. Lip liner and lip primer are optional (but I think they contribute to longer wear.)

a) Apply primer and lip liner. See the "All About Lips" video for liner technique. 
b) Apply one coat of lip colour. 
c) Separate the kleenex into each ply and load the brush with powder.
d) Place one kleenex ply over your lips and swipe your lips with powder through the kleenex ply. 
e) Remove the kleenex from your lips. Your lips are now "stained" with your lip colour. The stain is long-lasting, including through drinking, as long as you don't eat any oily food. 
f) Apply an additional coat of lip colour for hydration and additional colour. You may need to re-apply after eating.

Technique #2

Supplies: Any lip product (including glosses), MAC Prep + Prime Lip. Lip liner is optional. 

a) Apply MAC Prep + Prep Lip all over the lips, running it over the lip border by 1 or 2mm. 
b) Wait 1-2 minutes until the Prep + Prime becomes "tacky" or a bit sticky. 
c) Apply lip liner and lip product. Your lips will feel sticky for a little while, but it's OK! They will dry. 

I tried combining Techniques 1 & 2, but I didn't find lip product lasted longer than each individual technique. I save you time by trying these things for you! If you try these, let me know how they work out for you. I'm not against refining techniques!

Til next time,

Sunday, 1 February 2015

The Wonderful World of Fragrance

(If you've come back looking for The Eye Suite videos, they'll be up in the next few days!)


I've been learning recently about independent fragrance. I'm not talking about mainstream perfumes like Chanel No. 5, Miss Dior, and all the other designer fragrances, rather the gorgeous scents that are coming out of independent perfumeries all over the world. 

Over the next few days, I'm going to talk to you about one company in particular, Sixteen92 out of Irving, Texas. I'm hoping to get a chance to talk to Claire, the crafter of all things Sixteen92 (and who has a children's wear shop as well! Multi-talent! I'll link to it when I find the page) over the next few days so that I can ask her a pile of questions and pass on a taste of this world to you. 

I have been spending some time on the Indie Makeup and More subreddit of late, looking for new and interesting colours and formulations for makeup. I came across a discussion not about makeup, but about indie perfumes and was intrigued. There are a fair number of independent perfumers all over the world, making scents that range from one note (that is, one perfume oil) to complex fragrances and gourmands (scents that smell like food.) 

I decided to try my hand at indie fragrance when I came across Sixteen92. Claire's scents are interesting and complicated, with names that are really, amazingly a propos of the perfume. Sixteen92 also makes hand and body lotions and shower gels with scent infused into the cream, and God knows I love a good hand cream. It's so hard to describe and I find myself wishing I had smell-o-vision to demonstrate the utter beauty of Sixteen92's bestsellers, Lolita and Southern Gothic. I'll ask Claire what her inspiration for these fragrances were if I get the chance to talk to her. Instead, here are pictures:

These are the five indie samples I have, four from Sixteen92 and one mystery fragrance called "Caramel Knowledge," which is a lovely scent, if a bit musky for me.  

These are my two "gourmand" (food-scented) samples from Sixteen92.
- Red Velvet Hot Chocolate smells exactly like you'd think!
- Coconut Creme Hot Chocolate is more dark chocolate than coconut creme, but still quite yummy.

These two perfumes are simply gorgeous.
- Southern Gothic is described as "a lovely, complex and warm southern floral that unfolds beautifully as it wears." It reminds me of a hot, humid summer southern night. 
- Lolita is a mix of Crisp Apple Skins, Tart Peach Candies, Rose Absolute, Sugared Violet. Lolita is young and beautiful. Of course.

I really can't recommend trying out Sixteen92 more, and I'm going to try other indie perfume companies over time and will post more about this area of beauty. I know it's hard to wear perfume these days with all of the restrictions and allergies in the workplace, but there's no reason we can't be-scent ourselves in our off hours!

Til next time,