Saturday, 3 January 2015

The Beginning of Beauty Over Thirty

Welcome to Beauty Over Thirty!
My name is Amanda and I'm a 37 year-old advocacy professional living with my 19 year-old (!!) son in Toronto. I've never been into makeup or skincare, and my fashionista mum is my fashion advisor who makes sure I at least have nice clothes to wear. That's where I started from.

Makeup and skincare had never been a concern to me, but I started thinking about it when my boss-at-the-time told me (marginally inappropriately?!) that I should start upping my makeup and fashion games. I always thought I had pretty good skin, that I didn't need foundation because my freckles did the trick, and hey, I had 23 lip products in my bag to whip out when I had a meeting or a date or something. Good enough.

My basic issue with makeup has always been that when I put eyeshadow (to me, the most basic of makeup) on, it seems to just disappear, and thus pointless to spend time on. But with the boss' words ringing in my ears, I started thinking perhaps the problem was user error.

I started looking for eyeshadow application tutorials and stumbled upon one for "hooded eyes", meaning your eyelid is generally covered by skin from below your eyebrows. All it took was a look in the mirror to discover that I've got these type of eyes. WHO KNEW?! The best part? Hooded eyes are also referred to as bedroom eyes. This started my trip down the beauty rabbit holes of makeup, skincare, fashion and jewelry, and so much more.

I'm still deep in those rabbit holes and I am absolutely loving it - because I'm not doing it to give my mum a girly girl daughter, or to impress a man, and that boss isn't a part of my world anymore. I'm doing it because I think I can be a better version of myself, step by step. Beauty Over Thirty is a hobby-in-the-making with real world application.

I don't think I'm alone in this. If I'm just learning beauty over thirty, then I'm certain other women (and maybe even some guys) are too. I hope you have a great time on this page as it grows and as we all learn about what works best for each of us. I'm really looking forward to learning and sharing together!

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